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Cecilie quilted jacquard jacket


Distinctive quilted jacquard jacket with embroidered details designed by Cecilie Copenhagen. When closed it fits on the body, wear it open it looks more baggy.

This Scandinavian brand started in 2011 thanks its name from designer named Cecilie Jørgensen. What started as an all too familiar feeling, a night out with nothing to wear, a clothing crisis for our creative director Cecilie Jørgensen, sparked the idea that is now Cecilie Copenhagen. Their passion and flair for vibrant coloured designs continues season after season.

Designed and made in India.

100% cotton. Gentle (hand)wash. Please follow care instructions labelled in item.

Model is 1 meter 74 tall and wears size M. We advise you to choose one size bigger then your normal size.

Any questions concerning this article, sizing or just want our advice? Do contact us via mail or DM before purchasing this item.